Our tag line is:

"Roots 'n' grooves from Eastern Europe and beyond"

Other phrases we use include:

Information Sheet

Flatworld Info Sheet (PDF)


Flatworld Poster (PDF)


High resolution JPEGs suitable for printing:

Flatworld Promo Photo
Flatworld Promo Photo 2

Low resolution JPEG suitable for web, email, Facebook etc:

Flatworld Promo Photo (Live)
Flatworld Promo Photo (Live)


You can download our logo (in EPS and PNG formats) below. The PNG file can be used on-line for web sites, email, Facebook etc, while the EPS is intended for graphics professionals to create their own artwork with.


Flatworld Logo (PNG)


Flatworld Logo (EPS)

Web Sites & E-Mail

You can re-use anything found on this site and in particular, the live photos. In the web browser, right-click on the photo or logo and select "save as". Note that the quality will be insufficient for printed material.


Flatworld own the copyright of everything on this web page and give permission for it to be used freely by anyone for promotion of or critical review of the band.